⌖ AI Sniper

One of the distinguishing features that will set Shinobi apart from its competition is its implementation of deep learning algorithms within a sophisticated AI Sniper.

Shinobi employs the use of the Mixtral-8x7B model created by Mistral AI, to aid and assist in making informed predictions on meta shifts in the memecoin market.

Through the leverage of this paradigm, Shinobi extracts metadata from newly created liquidity pools for Solana tokens and applies real-time sentiment analysis to evaluate the probable success of the token. Shinobi also performs a risk assessment on each token using a preset parameters, i.e. Mutable metadata, revoked contract, liquidity token burned, etc.

In order to maximise success rates, the AI Sniper adopts a multi-layered understanding of both current and historical contexts in its data analysis with pattern recognition. This comprehensive approach permits the AI Sniper to sift through the noise of the market and make predictions based on quantitive data models.

Furthermore, Shinobi utilises its own proprietary web scraper to extract data from X (formerly known as Twitter), Reddit and other social media platforms. This ability to assess real-time sentiment in a variety of languages across from a broad range of sources gives Shinobi an unprecedented level of insight.

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