All of the below are viewable when entering /sensei into the console to Shinobi.

Which tokens can be traded using Shinobi? 💱 As a Ninja, you can covertly access any SPL (SOL pair) token on Raydium, Jupiter or Orca. Raydium pairs will be accessible immediately with Jupiter shortly afterwards. How do I view my referral balance? ⚖️ To see profits made from adding to your clan type /referrals into the chat to display your payment in $NINJA. Creating a new wallet with Shinobi. 💼 Sometimes a Ninja might wish to assume a new identity in order to maintain stealth. This can be done by typing /wallet, Ninjas will then be able to configure a new wallet address. Is Shinobi free? Is there a transaction fee? ✨ Shinobi is free to use for any Ninja, there is a small tribute fee of 0.5% on each trade.. This is done to ensure that Shinobi remains free to all. What is the difference between net profit and profit? 📈 When withdrawing funds a Ninja should anticipate a small difference between their profit and their net profit. Net profit is determined by deducting network fees, DEX fees, price impact and tribute from the total profit. Shinobi infiltrates the blockchain to optimize earnings and guarantee this difference is as low as possible. Other questions 🥷 Do you have any other questions on mastering Ninjutsu technique that have not been answered above? Join the Shinobi Telegram group.

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